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Is your Business a Lumberyard or other Building Materials Retailer that needs more comprehensive IT Support and Maintenance than you are getting today from your Line-of-Business Software Vendor?

Don Cockayne

Don Cockayne, President

Have you tried to get by on your own by pressing your employees into a part-time “computer guy” role while you are also depending on them to do the work you hired them for in the first place?  Perhaps you already have a local computer guy but he never seems to be able to head off problems before they take your system down?

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way!

I can prove to you that partnering with an IT Service Company that has over 25 years of experience working with Businesses just like yours can put you in a position where you can focus on the things you need most – business growth, happy Employees who can get their work done on time and Customers who aren’t frustrated by slow Point-of-Sale systems that are causing traffic jams at your checkout counters.  And I can give you back your peace of mind by putting your entire IT Infrastructure in the hands of a Team of Qualified Professionals who know how your business operates!

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While Computer Technology alone won’t fuel the growth of your business, it should certainly be the engine that drives your efficiency

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Your people are your single most important asset and it has never been more important to do everything you can to keep them engaged

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Face it, if you aren’t doing everything you can to create an extraordinary experience for your Customers, they can easily be taken off your hands

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There are plenty of things to worry about in business, the performance, stability and security of your computer systems shouldn’t be one of them

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A Solid Reputation with Our Company For Over 10 Years

Applied Integration has been providing Managed IT Services for Bloedorn Lumber Company for over 10 years, taking care of all aspects of our extensive internal Server and Communication infrastructure and our 20+ remote locations.  Don and his staff have coordinated and assisted us through several evolution’s of technology, a major Point-of-Sale system conversion, database Server Migration and many other equally challenging projects.

The care and expertise exhibited during these major changes combined with daily monitoring, maintenance and oversight of our systems, has earned Applied Integration a solid reputation with our company.

Mark MarlattMark Marlatt
IT Director
Bloedorn Lumber

Top Notch Customer Service Forms the Basis of Our Long Term Relationship

As a retailer that always strives to put good old fashioned Customer Service in front of pure Capitalism, we prefer to work with vendors, suppliers and other companies who have a similar approach and vision.  For well over 20 years, Don and his Team at Applied Integration has been the technical back bone that allows us to remain focused on what we do as we take care of our Customers.

When we have an IT related issue the Applied Integration Team has consistently been there for us from start to finish, ensuring that we have little to no downtime exposure.  While we truly value the knowledge that the Team brings to the table, we equally value the relationship that has been maintained over the years.  Don and his entire Team treat us the way a Company should treat its Customers.  Never in all those years have I felt like a number or just another account.  From Reception to the top of Management, we always receive Top Notch Customer Service. ­­

Dan Voelz
Pacific Pride

Hosted Servers and Remote Management Alleviates Our Headaches and Lets Me Concentrate On Running My Business

For years we followed the standard model for most businesses like us, we owned our own hardware and relied on the Software Vendor for most of the System Support.  Since our business is located in a fairly remote area, it was difficult to get timely parts and service.  In fact, there were times when I had to replace hardware parts myself with the help of Technicians on the phone with me.  In many of those instances we were down for long periods of time, often up to a week or more.

Having our own hardware was also problematic due to the fact that we live in a very dry and dusty area so it was difficult to keep our equipment in a properly controlled area with adequate cooling.  By switching to the Hosted Server environment that Applied Integration supplies for us now, we have taken these headaches away and I can now concentrate on running my business, not managing computer equipment that I really know nothing about.

At first, we were worried about remote management as our experience with that had not been satisfactory before we switched to Applied Integration.  We have now been with Applied for almost three years and have had excellent service from them.  They have an experienced staff and have responded to all of our needs very quickly.  All of the issues we have experienced thus far have been resolved in hours or less, instead of in days as was our experience before we began using Applied Integration.

Paula  Ervin
Randall Lumber

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That’s okay if you’re not ready to call – we really don’t mind. But what we do care about is small and medium-sized businesses not making the most of their existing technology and getting the most out of their company. If you’re having IT problems but you’re not quite at the stage where you need to give us a call, our free report should put you on the right track of knowing what you should be paying for IT service.

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