Millennials Are Coming

Millennials Are Coming

May is here, which means thousands of millennials are about to graduate with their shiny new degrees and they all have one thing in common: They want a job.  Now these young men and women don’t just want any job flipping burgers, no that’s what they were doing to pay for the Ramen Noodles and endless cups of coffee that were somehow enough nourishment to get them through college. Now they want the high paying, respectable jobs that come with that degree that they just worked so hard to earn. So brace yourselves, the resumes are about to stack up.

Be prepared because this generation is very different from the generation we grew up in. They are ambitious, tech-savvy, and know more about social media than we will probably ever know.  They have grown up with technology and are perfectly comfortable with it, which makes them valuable addition to your business, but they have different expectations than what you might be used to. For example, 26% of millennials surveyed said that workers should only be expected to stay in a job a year or less before looking for a promotion, where as here 41% of Baby Boomers believe workers should stay with an employer at least five years before looking for advancement.

Now every one of those people that comes into your office for their interview will definitely have their smart phone on them, and will most likely have their own laptop and possibly even a tablet of some sort either in their car, or waiting for them at home. This means they will want to work when it’s the most convenient for them. Because they have the resources to do it, they may prefer to work flexible hours and have the ability to work remotely through their own devices.

By taking some basic precautions and having a plan in place so that you can adapt to the way these folks want to work, you can embrace their enthusiasm for technology and let them work in all the creative and exciting ways that they will want to work for you.  A few things that need to be considered are:

  • If you embrace remote workers, make sure that you know exactly how they are accessing systems remotely, don’t let them “grow their own” solutions
  • As their devices enter the business and start connecting to your network, we may need to restrict access and/or bandwidth usage
  • And anytime employees are working on their own devices, we will need to make sure we don’t forget about where their data gets stored and how it gets backed up and secured if they leave or their machine gets lost or stolen

Now this may sound like a lot of work, but when you let us take care of the details, it’s as easy as pie. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2030, 75% of the workplace will be millennials so they are coming in numbers and we need to be ready. Even though this generation may have new attitudes towards flexibility and a work/life balance, they can be more loyal than any other generation to employers who understand and embrace these new attitudes.

Bringing millennials onto the team can be a little bit of an adjustment but the business world is constantly growing and the way we get our work done is always evolving so this should be no big challenge if we’re prepared.  If you are not quite sure that you are prepared for a fresh batch of new young faces in the business, call us today and we’ll help you get ready.

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