Technology Refresh

Technology Refresh

While we know how important it is to wring every dollar of use out of equipment, there is a time when holding onto old gear may actually turn out to be costing you money.  There are some very basic guidelines that we use when evaluating equipment to determine if it might make sense to plan for replacement.

As a general rule, most computers are safe to be used for their initial 3 to 5 years of life. Trying to exceed 5 years often puts you in a position where the hardware isn’t able to keep up with the changes that the software running on it has gone through over the past 5 years. This means that most likely the people working on machines of that age would be able to get more work done in the same amount of time with newer hardware. As software evolves and features are added, the load that software places on the hardware continues to grow. Businesses with up to date equipment are much more efficient than those who are trying to stretch the lifespan of outdated gear.

Five year old hardware is also heading into the zone where the age of the equipment makes it much more likely to suffer a major hardware failure such as a disk crash.  Don’t imagine that downtime is free, there is a very real cost in lost productivity, perhaps lost data and the time spent catching up that is accumulating while one of your employees deals with a broken machine.  You wouldn’t put 250,000 miles on your car without replacing some things when they start to wear down or if you did, you might end up on the side of the road, waiting for the tow truck to come rescue you. The same goes for your business. If you want to keep it running to its potential, it’s essential to have up-to-date, reliable equipment, or you may just end up stranded waiting for help.

Another area of cost that is often overlooked is the cost that builds as your employees grow increasingly frustrated by working with sluggish systems.  People are often the single biggest expense in a business, and it just makes sense to be doing everything you can to make sure your people are working effectively and not struggling with systems that are outdated or unstable.

Even your customers will appreciate a technology refresh. If they walk into your business and see hand written signs, decade old computers, and outdated equipment, you may not be presenting the image you want to at the first sign of slow service, they may head to a competitor who has kept their systems up to date. As prevalent as Technology has become, no one wants to wait around for old systems or trust the piles of hand written tickets strewn across the counters. It’s time to upgrade when any aspect of your Technology Infrastructure is not up to the task of providing your customers the best experience possible.

The most successful businesses are those that have an effective, realistic budget for periodic technology upgrades.  If you are not sure that you have the right plan in place to keep your business running well, your people smiling and your customers delighted with how well you are able to conduct business with them, we need to talk.

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