Monthly Archives - October 2016

Why Business Continuity is Better Than Just Backup

If you’ve had any kind of computer technology in your business, odds are pretty good that at some point along the way someone implemented a backup strategy for at least your most critical systems.  For years, the best solution for backups was a tape based process, where you had a supply of tape cartridges that you rotated through a schedule, and each night someone had the responsibility of carrying the previous night’s tape home with them so there was [...]

The One Attack No Tech Can Stop

You can defend your data with all the latest and best technology. But if just one team member gets tricked into giving away the keys to the castle, it’s game over. Hackers know this. And that’s why so many use social engineering to break in. And it’s not just the big companies you hear about on the news. On February 3, 2016 a suspect posing as the CEO of Magnolia Health Corp. obtained a spreadsheet with sensitive data about their [...]