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Wrapping Up Another Year! Bring On 2017

Wow, what a year we’re putting a wrapper on this time around!  To get this newsletter out on time, I’m writing this article just a few days before we elect our next President and all I’ll say is I am sure glad that craziness is finally behind us.  (Or at least I hope it is!  The way this election cycle has gone it seems that nothing is a certainty) As I’m sure many of you do, I like to take [...]

Happy To Put a Wrapper on 2016

Wow, was this year a barn burner or what?  I for one have been fascinated to watch the impact that Technology as a whole has had on this year.  Let’s recap a couple of things we learned: It appears that a huge portion of the American population gets its new from Twitter, and believes every 140 character tweet!  We’re all starting to become familiar with the term “fake news” now that anyone and everyone can contribute to the overall “news” [...]