Happy To Put a Wrapper on 2016

Happy To Put a Wrapper on 2016

Wow, was this year a barn burner or what?  I for one have been fascinated to watch the impact that Technology as a whole has had on this year.  Let’s recap a couple of things we learned:

It appears that a huge portion of the American population gets its new from Twitter, and believes every 140 character tweet!  We’re all starting to become familiar with the term “fake news” now that anyone and everyone can contribute to the overall “news” landscape.

SpaceX launched one of their Falcon 9 rockets, successfully delivered a payload into orbit AND successfully returned the first stage of the rocket onto a drone ship floating at sea.  Just goes to show you what a bunch of young, smart, excited kids can accomplish when none of us old folks get in their way!  If you haven’t watched the video of them all cheering and going crazy when their ship touches down, go look it up.

Early in the year, the US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security reported that in 2015 alone, some $24 million was paid in Cryptolocker (and other variants) ransoms across nearly 2500 cases that were actually reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.  Most experts agree that only a small portion of cases are actually reported, so the amount paid out is most likely large multiples higher than what has been officially reported.

Someone certainly did some hard core hacking with a desire to directly impact our political process, and we collectively yawned and went about our business.

We now have nearly everyone converted over to the Sophos Anti-Virus product and the results have been very good!  While we know there is no one “silver bullet” on this front, we’re confident that we have the best product in place and now we’re working through trying to get everyone on the best backup solution money can buy so we’re totally prepared to recover quickly from the next “zero day” threat that makes it through.

And finally, with a look back to our roots, we joined the Mountain States Lumber and Building Materials Dealer Association and the West Coast Lumber and Building Materials with an eye towards becoming more involved with the core market segment that so many of our customers fall into.  We’ll be participating in our first Association show at the MSLBMDA Expo in Mid-February and hope to see many of you there.

2016 was a wild one, here’s hoping that 2017 is just as exciting and full of good things!

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