Author - Don Cockayne

Don’t Forget the Back Office

In past articles, I’ve talked about the impact of your Point of Sale operations and how important it is to pay close attention to how well that area of the operation functions, but today I want to talk about an area of the business that often gets overlooked, the back office.  Just as we know that it’s critical to have the right technology in place to get customers in and out of the doors quickly, it is equally important [...]

From Analog Phones to Digital Phones

The phone sitting on your desk must be one of the unsung heroes of the Technology world if there ever was one.  Analog phones have been around for so long we hardly ever even think about them, but without them, we all know that business would come to a screeching halt.  But just like everything else, the business phone has evolved to adapt to the changing way we work and if you haven’t given your phone system a thought [...]

Digital Sign Overview

In some of my past articles, I’ve talked about the importance of moving people through the business as fast and efficiently as possible, but today I’d like to talk for a minute about ways we might slow them down just a bit while we take a little time to inform them.  If you haven’t had much experience with Digital Signs in businesses yet, that’s the technology I want to talk about so let’s start off with a very basic [...]

Content Is King

So elsewhere in this issue, I’ve given you a quick introduction to some of the “nuts and bolts” of a Digital Sign System, but now I want to dive into the part of it that I get excited about, the Content.  Let’s face it, you could probably get by ok with nothing more than the same old hand drawn or perhaps even computer generated and printed paper signs that have been scattered around the place for all these years, [...]

Business Continuity 101

At the risk of proving just how long I’ve been in the IT business, I recall the days when we measured the time it took to recover from a hardware crash in days.  If we could overnight parts out to a Customer and get them back up and running within 2 full business days, we thought we were doing pretty well.  In extreme cases, we used to take boxes out to the Airport and put them on “Delta Dash” [...]