The Hidden Cost of Old Technology

“Please wait…”  How many times do we hear those two words these days?  I know I seem to be hearing them more and more, and each time I do I cringe a little and hope that my own business is staffed properly and keeping up so that you don’t hear that too often from us. While pondering the hidden cost of waiting, I decided to go through a little math exercise to see how difficult it would be to put [...]

Happy To Put a Wrapper on 2016

Wow, was this year a barn burner or what?  I for one have been fascinated to watch the impact that Technology as a whole has had on this year.  Let’s recap a couple of things we learned: It appears that a huge portion of the American population gets its new from Twitter, and believes every 140 character tweet!  We’re all starting to become familiar with the term “fake news” now that anyone and everyone can contribute to the overall “news” [...]

Why Business Continuity is Better Than Just Backup

If you’ve had any kind of computer technology in your business, odds are pretty good that at some point along the way someone implemented a backup strategy for at least your most critical systems.  For years, the best solution for backups was a tape based process, where you had a supply of tape cartridges that you rotated through a schedule, and each night someone had the responsibility of carrying the previous night’s tape home with them so there was [...]

The Biggest Problem In Business Today

In an October 2006 cover story, “The Search for Talent,” The Economist reported that finding the right people is the single biggest problem in business today: THESE are heady days for most companies. Profits are up. Capital is footloose and fancy-free. Trade unions are getting weaker. India and China are adding billions of new cheap workers and consumers to the world economy. This week the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new high. But talk to bosses and you [...]

There Are Holes in your Business

You might not have noticed it just yet, but there’s a gaping hole in the wall of your business! Ok, don’t go outside looking for a literal hole in the wall. I’m talking about the “virtual” wall of your business. You see, just a few short years ago, your entire network existed inside the confines of your building, and the only way anyone could access it was to physically plug a device into the network inside your building. Bad guys [...]