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We define Integrity as the underlying personal commitment to hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty, truthfulness and to doing those things that are mutually beneficial to everyone involved. We will do the most honest, correct thing at all times, whether anyone is watching or not. We will seek to achieve the trust of those around us and will value and protect that trust.


We define Accountability as the commitment to take full personal responsibility for our actions and – when they happen – for our mistakes. We believe that our Co-workers and Customers should expect us to commit to a course of action and then to take responsibility for following through on that course. We hold ourselves responsible for our conduct and for knowing and doing what is expected from us. We will understand the work duties that are assigned to us, and then complete those duties to the best of our ability. We will graciously accept recognition for a job well done and honestly accept constructive criticism when we fall short of expectations or make a mistake.


We will conduct ourselves in a Professional manner in all of our dealings with Co-Workers and Customers. We will present ourselves as professionals in our attire, our attitude and in our written and verbal communication. We will strive to maintain a calm demeanor, especially at those times where the stress of the situation is the highest. We will always remember that our Customers are professional businesses who are inviting us into their place of business and will respect that invitation and always ensure that we will deserve a return invitation.


Beginning with an understanding that each hour of each day is precious and fleeting, we will always strive to make the most effective use of our time every day. We will do the most important thing first, and complete that task to the best of our abilities. We will always strive to eliminate procrastination and will work fast. We will be punctual at all times and plan ahead so that we arrive on time for work, meetings, appointments and other tasks. We will focus our efforts on work related duties while at work and leave the majority of our personal items to be completed and managed outside of our business hours.


We will constantly strive to be both skillful and properly educated so that we can competently conduct the work duties assigned to us. We will understand that the profession we have chosen is one that requires an ongoing commitment to the growth of personal skills, and we will aggressively seek out and take advantage of opportunities to facilitate that growth. We will always strive to perform our work to the highest standards, with complete follow through and rejection of short-cuts or half measures.


We will always treat those we interact with in a respectful manner, and we will expect to be treated respectfully in return. We will understand and recognize the skills and talents of those around us, and listen openly and objectively to the input of others. When we find ourselves in a situation where we disagree, we will commit to conducting ourselves in a respectful manner while we work through the disagreement. At no point will we allow ourselves to personally attack, verbally or otherwise, those around us.



With a track record of over 25 years in the industry, most of those years spent directly servicing the Lumber and Building Materials Retailer marker, Don has a deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to keep systems healthy. With strong attention to detail and a logical, troubleshooting mind, Don has put together an organization that excels at keeping complex systems running well, and solving problems quickly when things do experience a problem.



The Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Join the Many Lumberyards, Hardware Stores and other Building Material Retailers Who Have Outsourced Their IT Support To Us:

1. Industry Experience – In over 25 years that we’ve been working in this market, we have become intimately familiar with the major software packages designed for your business such as Spruceware.NET©, Rock Solid©, BisTrack© and others. We understand the unique system requirements of each of these systems, and we know how to optimize their performance and stability.

2. Accountability – We understand that IT Infrastructure is made up of a combination of stable hardware and properly operating software, so we ask clients to call us first if there’s ever any question about what the issue is. By letting us figure out if it’s the software or the hardware that is causing the problem, we dramatically reduce the time required to solve the problem. We’ll even contact the Software Vendor directly if it turns out that we need their help, so you never feel like you are caught between two companies that are pointing fingers at each other.

3. Full Coverage – When you rely on your primary software vendor as a single source of support, they simply have no way to identify and manage the data on your network that resides outside their system. We understand that alongside your Point of Sale System you have Estimators, Window and Door Specialists, Truss Designers and other specialized users who are creating high value data outside the Point of Sale system, and we make sure that those users and that data are included in the overall Security and Data Backup structure.

4. Responsive Service – Every call to our office is answered live by our Support Dispatcher. We know you’re busy and have made a sincere commitment to making sure your computer problems get fixed FAST so whenever possible, you will be transferred directly to a Technician on your first call. If we can’t get you a Technician on that call, we’ll get back to you within no more than 1 hour. And since most repairs can be done remotely using our secure management tools, you don’t have to wait around for a technician to show up onsite before any work begins.

5. Cloud Solutions – With the maturing of connectivity and virtualization services over the years, we’ve now reached the point where the most cost effective solution for many small businesses is one that does not include owning and depreciating expensive servers every 3 to 5 years. Our Cloud Solutions can get you out of the business of owning this expensive hardware and trying to keep it clean and cool in your “less than ideal” environment. We can provide the right sized system today, and grow that solution when necessary without forcing you to plan for it on day one.

6. No Geek-Speak – We understand that while our profession is extremely technical, our communication style doesn’t need to be. We’ll avoid the technical jargon or complex terms and we’ll never talk down to you or your staff.

7. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our thorough, thoughtful approach to IT Service and Management is nearly always successful in delivering the solution that is right the first time, but on that rare occasion when something doesn’t go entirely to plan, we guarantee that we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right, without ever asking for additional charges. If we don’t do it exactly right the first time, we’ll do it extra right the second time and never ask you to pay more.

8. Project Management – When it’s time for a major system overhaul, a building remodel or some other type of Project, we provide robust, well communicated project management and we don’t leave anything to chance. We’ll manage all the Vendor relationships so you don’t have to worry about keeping everyone on track.

9. Peace Of Mind – Our primary goal with our comprehensive monitoring, proactive management and “best practices” processes are all designed to let you sleep well at night knowing that your entire infrastructure is being monitored, protected and maintained by a highly trained team of professionals. We want you focused on the growth and success of your business, not on worrying about whether or not the network is going to be stable.

10. National Coverage – Since the first day we started to operate, the bulk of our clients were located outside our local area, so every aspect of our business is geared towards effectively serving clients across the nation. With powerful remote management tools at our disposal our Technicians have very few limitations in what they can do to assist with problems or to perform routine maintenance. With customers from Alaska to Florida, we’re prepared to prove we can manage your system no matter where your business is physically located.



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