Sending email from a free account sends the wrong message.

There’s nothing more important than your ability to communicate with your customers. Using the right email service can ensure that things stay consistent. Hosting your email with us gives you:

Scalability – add or remove users as your business needs fluctuate.

Reliability – Office 365 is the most trusted and robust email platform in business today.

Affordability – per user pricing that won’t break the budget.

EMAILs from your domain


We understand the allure that free email accounts had when they first started to proliferate and at first, it was not a problem for your people to be all using their own version of a free email account for business work, but times have changed and now those randomly created email accounts on free services can wind up costing you credibility with the people you do business with.




By using a common naming convention for email addresses and your own domain name, you make it logical and easy for your people to be found by those who are trying to communicate with them.




Work doesn’t necessarily stop the minute you walk out the door, and nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days. It only makes sense to be using an email system that can be checked and synchronized on any device at any time.



Calendars and contacts aren’t necessarily just individually maintained items anymore, and your email infrastructure should make it easy for everyone to share information and schedules. The right system can turn chaos into order when people can easily share and collaborate.


Up until recently, the only option for operating your business was having your own servers on-site. You had to reserve space for them, adjust power and air conditioning systems to accommodate them, and then replace them every few years as they wore out or were outgrown.

Now, you can get access to dedicated resources that scale up as you need them to, that don't require dedicated space or special care inside your building, and don't need replaced every few years—all with hosted services.

Get out of the computer hardware business 

We know your business, we work specifically in your industry, and we have experience with your software applications and hardware needs. 


Remember the last time you bought Server Hardware? Not only was it expensive, but you had to try and forecast your growth over the next 5 years to ensure you didn't run out of space. Hosting allows you to forget about that kind of planning because the solution can scale with you, growing as fast as you need it to or even scaling back a bit if things take a downturn.

Anywhere Access

As more work is done after business hours or from outside the confines of the building, you people expect to be able to access systems wherever and whenever is convenient for them. Hosted systems are designed from the start to be accessed remotely, so giving your people the unrestricted access they want is no problem.

Worry Free

You have enough things to worry about without worrying that a failed A/C unit might cook your server in the middle of the day. Hosted servers are placed in dedicated hosting facilities, the perfect place for these types of systems to remain cool, clean, secure, and healthy. Hosting makes your critical infrastructure worry free.

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