IT Management


A common trait that you can find in the most successful small businesses is total focus on the core business, and effective outsourcing of the necessary services that aren’t part of that core business.  And we see a similar common trait across businesses that are struggling to thrive, the misguided notion that “do it yourself” is effective when it comes to highly technical things like properly implementing the technology the business relies on.  All too often we find businesses that are struggling along trying to build business systems with the internal “computer guy” whose only real qualification is that knows how to get his home gaming system running.  When he’s not running around the business trying to fight IT related fires, he’s also got his “day job” to do, which is typically something totally unrelated to technology.

You wouldn’t ask your Dentist to come over to your house to look at an electrical problem, so why would you pull the fork lift driver in to try to integrate your email system into your point of sale system?  Information Technology is complex and constantly evolving.  Systems that were good enough just a few short years ago now may be creating a barrier to growth and productivity if they are not kept up-to-date.  Security and Compliance requirements must be met and the only way to keep pace is to partner with a Team of professionals that knows nothing about driving fork lifts, but everything about properly installing and managing IT systems.


You should be able to identify the direct impact each of your employees is making on your core business and leaving the specialty services to partners who can totally focus on those services as their core business.  By doing so, you’ll likely spend less money overall and you’ll certainly get better results.  If you’ve been trying to have someone inside your business be the part time “IT guy”, it’s time to see how effective it is to outsource IT Management to a Team of Professionals.

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