October Cybersecurity Webinar Recording

Did you know October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

We presented several Webinars this month, specifically designed to get you informed and aware of what’s going on with Cybersecurity in general, and more specifically what we’re doing here at Applied Integration to make sure you and your Business are as secure as possible.  If you missed a chance to listen in live, I’ve placed a recorded copy of the Webinar here so that you can replay it at your convenience or even share it with others in your Business.

In this Webinar, you’ll get specific steps that I recommend you take today to immediately begin safeguarding your personal information in response to the Equifax data breach.  I’ll also discuss the new Security Services that we’re making available right now to add additional layers of security to your Business.

We’ll be reaching out individually to everyone over the coming weeks, but I still recommend you view the webinar first if possible.

Don’t worry, I know thinking about Cybersecurity can be scary, and I suppose it’s appropriate that the month that we are supposed to be increasing our awareness is also the month know for all things scary, but as long as we all take the right protection steps, we’ll still be able to sleep well at night.