More than IT services

It's business operation services.

For over a decade, Applied Integration has focused on the IT support and management of lumberyards, construction retailers, contractors, architects, and others businesses connected with the construction industry. This specialization has given us a unique understanding of the demands of the industry, and we’ve developed the processes and solutions that are critical to keeping your business running in response.

Don't get caught in the middle.

Our expertise working with major software and hardware companies means that you won’t get caught between the hardware and software folks if there is an issue. We know the major packages, we know the requirements of each, and we will work with vendors on your behalf to solve any issues quickly and without any finger pointing.

Being completely focused on IT management, we know where the high value data lives in your business, and we make sure our solutions are protecting all of it. Plus, our hosted solutions can get you out of the cycle of buying and updating expensive server hardware every few years.

Managing a



Gone are the days when you knew your system could run undisturbed in the back closet with very little ongoing maintenance. Today, you might be exchanging EDI transactions with your vendors, counting inventory on the floor with a mobile device, and allowing your sales staff to connect remotely from your customers’ job site. Things have changed, and the company you trust with the management of your systems needs to understand your requirements exactly.



You probably don’t need to be told that a system outage can bring your business to a halt. Whether you have your own servers in the back closet, or you run off cloud-based systems, you need everything running all day, every day. Our technicians can prioritize steps and proactively head off problems before they translate into a down system. 



Everyone is doing more with less people, so it’s critical that you don’t allow overwhelmed systems to slow down productivity. It takes IT professionals with a comprehensive approach and a deep understanding of every aspect of your system to keep things running smoothly.



Your systems need to be structured so that your people have prompt access to the right set of tools, where and when they need them. We know how your business works and can bring you a suite of solutions designed to complement your software system so your people can do more in less time.



We all know there are new competitors popping up every day trying to steal your customers. Inflexible, slow, or unstable systems chip away at your overall customer service delivery. Our solutions are designed to ensure you can always provide the quality customer service your clients know you for.

Not just problem solving,



Most IT providers are purely fix it people.  Something breaks, they fix it, then sit back and wait for it to break again. As a full-service integrator, we take a more proactive approach.  We fix the problem, find the root cause, and develop a plan to head off the problem in the future. 



We work predominately in the construction industry and know the specific requirements of your software. This means we know how it is used by your employees and have the ability to think creatively about how to better protect your company.



Your technical team needs to be intimately aware of all aspects of the systems that run your business and be held accountable for their health and stability at all times. It isn’t just about solving problems when they arise, it’s about running a system that prevents problems before they occur.



Your disaster plan isn’t complete unless it includes a section about how to rebuild. Our national footprint means we’ve experienced just about everything from hurricanes to lumberyard fires and know how to get your systems back up and running once the dust has settled.

Systems management is crucial.

Some IT service providers believe that they can be equally effective servicing tanning salons one minute, you the next, and a CPA firm after that. Not us. We’ve spent decades gaining experience with the demands of your industry and have worked hard to build long-lasting relationships with the software vendors you rely on so we can provide the effective, specialized support you need. Applied Integration has the expertise to proactively manage your systems the way they need to be managed.

Your IT provider should fit your business,

not force your business to fit into their model. 

We know your business, we work specifically in your industry, and we have experience with your software applications and hardware needs. 

Don't take our word for it, hear what others are saying about us. 

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