Not all that long ago, when IT Service companies were describing their Services, the focus was on how many trucks could be rolled when something went wrong so that downtime was kept to a minimum.  In today’s competitive, highly connected business environment, that reactive nature to problem resolution just doesn’t cut it.  Today, the modern approach is to proactively manage the entire information technology infrastructure in such a way that problems are identified and solved before they take things down.


Proactive Management is the new reality, with highly integrated systems that monitor and detect both hardware and operating system issues when they first begin to appear, so that corrective action can be taken before systems crash and your people are left unable to get their work done.  But this model of management doesn’t happen by accident and it doesn’t happen without the investment in the technical Team and Tools required to perform it.

To really get ahead of things, a comprehensive approach must be taken and a well qualified Team of Technicians must be dedicated to the job.  Most of the day to day maintenance of IT Systems has become commonplace, performing ongoing updates and monitoring for systems that have gone down has become an almost trivial part of the overall picture.  Where the true impact is made is with implementation of robust methods of proactive management of your entire IT Infrastructure so that systems are kept operating at optimal levels at all times.  No longer is it acceptable to just respond quickly to a down system, the truly proactive approach is to head off system issues and resolve them before they take important systems offline.

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