CUI Defined 

CUI is defined as information created by the government, or an entity on behalf of the government, that is unclassified, but needs safeguarding. CUI is information that is sensitive and relevant to the interests of the US and potentially its national security, but not strictly regulated by the federal government. This is information that resides on your company’s internal systems.

If you are a prime contractor (or a subcontractor), you may be logging into a portal and downloading information (such as a mechanical drawing) that is then stored on your internal systems. You may also see CUI referred to as “Covered Defense Information” — not to be confused with “Controlled Technical Information.”

CUI is Unclassified Information that is stored on “Covered Contractor Information Systems,” which indicates an unclassified information system that is owned (or operated by or for) a contractor and that processes, stores, or transmits covered defense information.