No two businesses are alike and there are a ton of technology devices, software and hardware that are associated with different industries.  We start every new customer with a Discovery Session where we learn the unique technology that makes your business operate.  We assign you a dedicated team that will give you the most complete IT solutions, the most comprehensive software support and the best technicians that fit your custom IT service needs. 

POS Network Solutions

Finding the right POS hardware and software is an important part of running your business. You have your business systems in place and something breaks, do you have time to figure out why?  Our technicians have years of experience working a multitude of POS systems. 

Custom IT Solutions and IT Support in Ut

Retail Network Solutions


Our expertise working with major software and hardware companies means that you won’t get caught between the hardware and software folks when you have a line full of customers when there is a technology issue. We know the major packages, we know the requirements of each, and we will work with vendors on your behalf to solve any issues quickly.  With our custom IT services we make it a point to know everything about your entire network. 

Lumberyard Solutions


For over a decade, Applied Integration has focused on the IT support and IT management services of lumberyards, construction retailers, contractors, architects, and others businesses connected with the construction industry. This specialization has given us a unique understanding of the demands of the industry, and we’ve developed the processes and solutions that are critical to keeping your business running in response.


Construction Solutions

We understand that time is money. When a major construction or excavation job is up and running there’s no time to waste on systems that are sluggish or unreliable. From estimators to dispatchers to project managers, your team demands a lot from their systems, and it’s important to work with an IT service company that not only understands those needs but is up to the challenge of keeping things running smoothly.

Design / Large File Solutions


Collaboration has changed the face of the design industry.  Modern applications create massive files that must be shared both within the walls of your business and with other business partners. It's not enough to put high powered computers on your desks, you must also have a network that has the capacity to move and store large files with ease. Partnering with an IT service company that understands these needs will make sure things keep moving.

Digital Signage


Digital signage is a great way to communicate with your customers and staff.  These days it is not as simple as just putting up a TV in your lobby.  We are technology integrators and have experience connecting every device in a business to each other, making it a complete network system solution.