Managed IT Services

Dedicated Team

At Applied Integration, we strive to be your trusted IT support partner. Our dedicated support teams offer with work with your to provide full-service IT solutions including preventative and routine computer maintenance, cloud connectivity and network. Our goal is to earn your trust from the beginning by crafting a unique tech team that has a skill set that matches your businesses specific needs. 

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24 hrs / 7 days a week

On-Call Phone Support

Technology usually breaks at the most inconvenient times.  When you are in need of service, we have tech support available no matter what day of the week or time of day.  Our tech team understands that deadlines must be met, and your customers need to be serviced.  From the beginning, our goal is to take the frustrations out of technology for our customers.  This means we are here for you and your employees 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 

Applied Integration's IT Managed Service


Hardware breaks. Your dedicated support team is here when it does.  At Applied we are more that just a break and fix company.  Our IT Solutions develop a strategy that manages your computer devices so that they are efficient and productive.  We provide the system updates and perform the daily maintenance required to give your computers the longest life possible. 


It is not just computers that break or frustrate us.  It seems that everything has a software application these days. Your dedicated support team will know your software and how to support it.  We will call the software support line if necessary and take care of whatever the problem is quickly.  


We provide the best service for our customers because, we’re get deeply involved from day one to learn  how to best service your company. First our dedicated team asks a variety of questions to understand your company needs.  Next we identify your technology frustrations and discuss your business goals.