Your industry is highly specialized. Your IT company should be, too.

Collaboration has changed the face of engineering. Modern applications create massive files that must be shared both within the walls of your business and with other business partners. It's not enough to put high powered computers on your desks, you must also have a network that has the capacity to move and store large files with ease. Partnering with an IT service company that understands these needs will make sure things keep moving.

Applied Integration is a Computer Support Company that offers custom solutions

Keep Up and


Software applications in the architectural and engineering realm keep getting more powerful and feature rich. But with those enhancements comes an ever-increasing burden on every aspect of your network. If your IT company doesn't know how to prepare you for this change, things can turn ugly in a hurry. You can have performance, security, and flexibility when you work with a company that's prepared to provide it.

Share Data


The free flow of large plans and CAD files is a necessity today. The business partners you work with expect to be able to exchange files with you quickly and effortlessly, without compromising the security of your business or theirs. Don't let the information flowing in and out of your business put it at risk.

Effective Networks,


You want to fill your staff with the best people you can find. But you can't expect top workers, or top work, if your systems aren't optimized for the latest industry software. Having the right IT company can help ensure that your team always has the tools they need to work efficiently and effectively. 

The best person for the job is always the one with the most experience.

You've worked hard to build a business where your stock in trade is the expertise you've gained from experience. Shouldn't you choose an IT company of the same caliber? Any technician can sort out a printer problem in any kind of business. But a technician who truly understands every facet of how you do business can make all the difference.

At Applied Integration, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your systems running so that you can keep  your business running. 

We know your business, we work specifically in your industry and we have experience with your software applications and hardware needs. 

Don't take our word for it, hear what others are saying about us. 

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