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Managed IT Service Provider Business Owners in Utah.



A customer service focused MSP servicing Lumber and Building Material Companies nationwide for almost 20 years. Spending more than a decade developing, managing and supporting software for this industry, our owner built this company specifically to find a solution to a major challenge facing these companies. 

Software was being used to optimize business operations but there was a need to provide technology support that went beyond the applications and programs themselves. The growing reliance on technology, business mobility and infrastructure security had businesses scrambling to keep all the pieces functioning and secure. 

Applied Integration has built its service offerings on this foundation. With a portfolio that comprises of more than 60% Lumber and Building Materials companies, we not only have the know-how but have seen how technology has effected this industry from the beginning. Operating with a growth mindset, our team of technicians build off their knowledge base in this industry, using past customer issues to proactively identify solutions. 


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We Build Technology Solutions So Complete That They Rarely Need Fixing. 

With clients spread over the US from California to Florida, we are a nationwide service provider that has  always lived with the motto "develop a solution that is so comprehensive and complete that it rarely needs fixing." Not having the opportunity to just run over to a customer's business when something breaks, it is an expectation that our customers get IT strategy and management that is strategic, organized and proactive so that issues are identified and resolved quickly before anything major happens.  



Managed IT Service Provider with a soul. 

We define Integrity as the underlying personal commitment to hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty, truthfulness and to doing those things that are mutually beneficial to everyone involved.  We will do the most honest, correct thing at all times, whether anyone is watching or not.  We will seek to achieve the trust of those around us and will value and protect that trust.


IT Management Services that you can rely on. 

We define Accountability as the commitment to take full personal responsibility for our actions and – when they happen – for our mistakes.  We believe that our Co-workers and Customers should expect us to commit to a course of action and then to take responsibility for following through on that course.  We hold ourselves responsible for our conduct and for knowing and doing what is expected from us.  We will understand the work duties that are assigned to us, and then complete those duties to the best of our ability.  We will graciously accept recognition for a job well done and honestly accept constructive criticism when we fall short of expectations or make a mistake.


Dedicated team of experts that take IT issues seriously. 

We will conduct ourselves in a Professional manner in all of our dealings with Co-Workers and Customers.  We will present ourselves as professionals in our attire, our attitude and in our written and verbal communication.  We will strive to maintain a calm demeanor, especially at those times where the stress of the situation is the highest.  We will always remember that our Customers are professional businesses who are inviting us into their place of business and will respect that invitation and always ensure that we will deserve a return invitation.


IT solutions are our expertise.

Beginning with an understanding that each hour of each day is precious and fleeting, we will always strive to make the most effective use of our time every day.  We will do the most important thing first, and complete that task to the best of our abilities.  We will always strive to eliminate procrastination and will work fast.  We will be punctual at all times and plan ahead so that we arrive on time for work, meetings, appointments and other tasks.  We will focus our efforts on work related duties while at work and leave the majority of our personal items to be completed and managed outside of our business hours.