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Technology has become as essential to a business as electricity.  So why then are business owners hesitant about hiring a company to make sure that it is always operating efficiently? We've put together some scenarios for you to consider: 



Software & Computer Support Team

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Computers are great when they are working properly but can be one of the most frustrating pieces of equipment when something goes wrong.  Our dedicated team of technicians are on call and ready to answer your questions and will solve any IT issues that you may encounter.  Instead of spending hours on the phone with the software support line, getting the run around and wasting your call us.  Instead of watching Youtube tutorials on hardware updates and computer maintenance know that we have already taken care of your machines as if they were our own.  

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Cloud Storage | Data Protection 

Do you know what the best type of computer backup storage is for your business?  We do.  As your managed IT service provider, we do our research, evaluate your business computer backup needs, and put a solution together that backups up your data onsite, offsite and in the cloud. 


Firewalls & Routers | Office 365 & Windows 10

Our team of professionals are here to support businesses.  We are experts at Office 365 and Windows 10.  Our business network solutions include, firewalls, routers, backups, cloud storage, data protection, and so much more. 


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On Call 24 hours/ 7 day

If your business is open and operating, we are available to support it.  Applied Integration has regular office hours from 6am to 6pm MST but we are always on call and ready to help with your IT service needs.