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IT support & services for Salt Lake City & Utah businesses.

Every business needs to use its resources wisely, but technology issues can derail a business quickly. Hours of productivity can be squandered when the network goes down or a computer stops working correctly. That's why so many businesses outsource their IT support—that way, they have the peace of mind knowing that an expert has everything under control, avoiding extra expense and regaining productivity faster.  It might sound like a simple solution for high-tech problems, but outsourcing your IT services could make all the difference.

What are Managed IT Services and why would your business need an MSP?

Managed IT Services offer businesses a way of solving IT problems through a third-party contractor. At Applied we pride ourselves at being proactive instead of reactive. Our team is devoted to managing all aspects of your business's IT needs, from servers and computers to networks. We work hard to ensure that technology failures don't interrupt the flow of your team's business operations. With proactive monitoring, we are able to recognize issues before they become major problems, ultimately saving time and money otherwise lost in downtime. Our team of passionate problem solvers takes an intuitive approach to overseeing your IT needs so that you can relax and focus on what matters most: running a successful business.

Our Managed IT Services include:

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Why You May Be Looking For An MSP?

How Managed IT Services & IT
Support is right for your business. 

Managed IT Services and IT Support can provide significant value for businesses of all sizes. With a proactive approach to maintenance and support of an organization's various IT systems and infrastructure, IT providers help minimize disruptions to operations due to technical issues, now or down the road. And by combining comprehensive preventative maintenance with an on-demand response system, they allow teams to focus on their core areas of expertise while still leveraging the latest technology.  Utilizing managed IT services is a cost-effective way for businesses to maximize efficiency and reduce risk.

Need IT Support ASAP for an Issue NOW
Not Happy with Current IT Company
Looking to Outsource or Supplement IT Support
Business Got Hacked and Need Managed Cybersecurity

Proactive and Friendly Managed IT Services

IT services have become essential to everyday operations, and relying on a proactive and friendly partner  can ensure effective solutions to any problems that may arise. This type of service is not only focused on providing solutions in a timely manner, but also takes time to develop a personal relationship with its clients, actively looking for ways to strengthen the connection and communication between them. 

IT Experts Available 24/7 With Remote IT Support.

With highly trained experts available at any hour of the day, IT problems can be quickly solved, so businesses can stay on track and keep running efficiently. Remote technical assistance prevents small mishaps in the system from becoming major disasters. Gone are the days of waiting for an office to open in order to get needed IT services; businesses now access tech support at their convenience and rest assured that their company's productivity is protected.

IT That Grows as Your Business Grows.

Having the right IT that grows as your business grows can make all the difference in productivity, security, and efficiency. This is why it’s important to partner with an IT service provider that has the expertise, experience, and scalability needed to meet all of your IT needs today and into the future. With the right IT support, you don’t have to worry about outgrowing your IT infrastructure or struggling with outdated technology.

Why Applied Integration as the Managed Service Provider for your business just makes sense.

Dedicaed IT Technicians

At our company, we provide comprehensive IT Services without sacrificing personalized customer service. Our IT Technicians are driven by genuine care and passion for their work to help every single one of our clients successfully reach their technological needs and objectives. They put in extra effort to ensure timely resolution, going above and beyond the typical expectations. By investing in our IT Technicians’ professional development, they are able to maintain industry best practices while being able to adjust and adapt when needed. We stand proud behind the outstanding work ethic of our technicians who strive to deliver customer satisfaction with every client interaction.

Dedicated IT support team that offers computer support to businesses in Salt Lake City
Comprehesive Levels of IT Support
IT Support as a service for Applied Integration in Salt Lake City UT

At  our  company,  not  only  do  we  offer  IT  services  of  the  highest  quality,  but  we  also provide a full range of technicians across the board; from Level 1 to Level 5. With such an experienced staff, our customers can rest assured that no issue will be left unresolved - they are in capable hands. Our technicians are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, and you can always trust that any problem that arises will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Complete solutions unique to each client

With over decades of experience in providing IT solutions, we are confident we can help your organization reach its goals. We understand the dynamics of technology and have built a suite of services that make it easy to migrate your existing solutions or create new ones from scratch. Our expert team has developed and implemented an onboarding experience that ensures our customers have access to IT assistance immediately. Our services range from operations management, cyber security infrastructure to application integration software.  We understand how important technology is for any business and strive to provide seamless and streamlined systems that work and continuously evolve with you.

Image inside a computer to show how important IT support is for complicated technology in your business
IT Suite of Solutions
Business manager using technology to manage employees grateful that he has IT support from Applied Integration
  • Hardware & Software

  • Firewall & Antivirus

  • Networking

  • Data Storage & Hosting

  • Cybersecurity

  • Cloud Backup

  • CaaS - Compliance as a Service.

  • Office 365

  • Computer Maintenance

  • Server Solutions

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Business Continuity

  • HaaS - Hardware as a Service

Free Network Audit

Consulting with a technical expert can provide an organization with invaluable insight into their IT Services and infrastructure. A comprehensive overview of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is essential to ensure all aspects of the network are optimized for optimal operation. By assessing all facets of the existing system, issues can be identified and addressed to keep networks running securely and efficiently at all times. Determining what parts of the IT infrastructure and services need attention can help to save both time and money in the long run by avoiding expensive or unnecessary upgrades. Consultation services are highly recommended for any organization’s IT needs.

Network cables that connect the servers to the technology that operated it
Local and Remote IT Suppot
General Manager that uses technology that is supported by Applied Integration in Murray Utah

IT services, both local and remote, are incredibly important for modern businesses. Local IT support is excellent if your business needs are mostly in-person or require quick response times. Meanwhile, remote IT support is ideal for businesses who prefer the flexibility and convenience of having their services managed virtually. Both styles of IT support offer reliable technical expertise and secure safeguards to keep your data safe at all times. Ultimately, the right IT service choice comes down to understanding your organization's specific needs and choosing a plan that meets those requirements while staying within budget.

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