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Software & Licensing support for Salt Lake City & Utah businesses.

For any business looking to increase efficiency and security, Microsoft 365 products are a great solution. The simple days of managing your Microsoft 365 systems are gone. By leveraging the experience of IT professionals for licensing support for Microsoft 365, businesses can rest assured that their IT needs are in expert hands. IT professionals specifically certified in Microsoft 365 services cover every aspect of solution licensing from planning, deployment, maintenance and updates. This level of IT expertise not only helps to protect data but allows companies to get the most out of their IT solutions by increasing productivity at every level.

With Applied Integration's Managed Microsoft 365 Services, your business will have: 

Computers and end user devices that use managed Microsoft Services provided by Applied Integration

What are the Benefits of Managed Microsoft 365 support for your business?

Keeping up with Microsoft 365 feature updates is a daily responsibility. The Microsoft certified experts at Applied Integration make sure that our clients are leveraging the best of the platform’s capabilities. Our team dedicates time and resources to ensure every technician is educated on the newest Microsoft 365 features and have stable processes in place for rolling out updates quickly and efficiently. This way, our clients can make sure they maximize value from the power of Microsoft 365.

Without compromising the best features of the platform, you business can greatly minimize inefficiencies in your operations by delegating the hard work to our team of Microsoft 365 experts.

How Managed Microsoft 365 Services 
increases productivity & efficiency companywide.

By partnering with Applied Integration and our team of Microsoft 365 experts, you'll be able to unlock a powerhouse of tools that go beyond the basics simply by improving your usage of Microsoft 365. Our expert technicians will introduce you to the advanced features and help you customize settings that are often overlooked, leading to greater efficiencies when it comes to workflow processes across all levels in your business. Applied Integration is here to help you get the most out of Microsoft 365 - streamline your operations today with Applied Integration's highly certified team.

Expert Microsoft 365 Support

Applied Integration is your go-to for all your Microsoft 365 needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians provide personalized end-to-end support and are there to assist you every step of the way. We have the ability to take on any task regardless of complexity, from resolving technical issues and optimizing performance, to upgrading products and providing specialized training for our clients. Applied Integration is here to ensure that your business gets the most out of Microsoft 365 with expert advice, around-the-clock assistance, cost savings and a seamless user experience.

Increased Security

Applied Integration provides expert technicians that understand the full potential of the Microsoft 365 platform. Our professionals use more than 1,000 security and privacy controls to actively protect your business against cyber attackers. These tools are leveraged to maintain data safety and security as well as keep corporate information confidential. Our Microsoft 365 certified technicians are knowledgeable in best practices using governance standards and access controls to secure your data against internal and external threats.

Effective Team Collaboration

Applied Integration knows how important it is for teams to work together and communicate efficiently. To help make this possible, Applied Integration specializes in using the powerful collaboration tools of Microsoft 365 to its fullest potential. Through integration and automation of tasks, Applied Integration unlocks the extraordinary capabilities of the Microsoft 365 suite – from communication through chat and online meetings to streamlining project management workflow with task automation. Applied Integration will ensure your team works smarter and faster with the help of these business-critical collaboration tools.

Efficient Spending on Licensing

Applied Integration is proud to offer Microsoft 365 Licensing services that help customers spend less and get the most out of their investment. Through our comprehensive analysis of user needs, We can identify which tools are necessary and advise our clients on how best to allocate their resources. Our approach is tailored to make sure each user is getting only the tools that are essential for their needs. By doing this, our customers are able to save money while having access to the technology that is most beneficial for them. We take pride in providing cost-effective technology solutions and enhancing our customers' experience.

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