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NIST Self Assessments can be done without using a 3rd Party, but there are at least 110 controls and we will not begin to tell you that it is easy. We do want to help you succeed, below are areas that should be ready before you start your NIST Assessment.

  • Ensure that security policies are in place and understood by company employees. A list of plans and polices companies should have in place

  • Gain an understanding of the company’s operations (including mission, functions, and business processes) and how the information system supports those organizational operations;

  • Obtain an understanding of the structure of the information system (i.e., system architecture) being assessed

  • Identify company personnel responsible for the development and implementation of the security requirements

  • Obtain materials needed for the assessment (e.g., policies, procedures, plans, specifications, designs, records, administrator and operator manuals, information system documentation, interconnection agreements, previous assessment results)

  • Establish company points of contact needed to carry out the assessments;

  • Obtain previous assessment results that may be reused (e.g., audits, vulnerability scans, physical security inspections, prior security assessments, developmental testing and evaluation, vendor flaw remediation activities)

  • Develop an assessment plan.

This is just a small sample of what to expect. For a complete guide provided by the government to perform your own NIST Self Assessment

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