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Password Management

Good business and people are being targeted by cybercriminals. 

As a Managed Service Provider we are all too familiar with the fact that most people use the same 3-5 passwords for all of their online accounts. This is so dangerous!  Did you know that once those passwords are compromised, the bad guys can actually become you online. It's time to take a stand against online criminals. At Applied, it is our mission to equip all of our customers with Password Management tools. 

Companywide Training 

We work with your employees to get them trained, implementing a 3 part training series that get's your employees using the tools that will protect your business from exposure.  

Step 1. 

We install the tool companywide along with the extension that makes using the password tool simple and seamless. 

Step 2. 

We perform training that will focus on getting your employees to use the tool for their current passwords, change their passwords so that they are no longer susceptible to hackers and finally, utilize the tools for any shared passwords between departments. 


Step 3

We provide resources that help your employees tackle what may seem like a daunting task.


Wanna get a jump on things? Download and start with our Password Activity and Worksheet. This will get you thinking about all the places that our lives have gone digital and thus have required us to set up online credentials. This activity should take less than 30 minutes but the more time you take to get organized up front, the more comprehensive your challenge will be. 

Additional Resources


We have included a calendar with a daily task involving small section of your passwords at a time. They say you can eat a whole elephant just a few bites at a time. Life is busy and changing all of your passwords at once will seem impossible. Trust us, take the challenge and you will look back in 28 days a be a more secure person because of it.