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Keep Your Business Safe with a Layered Approach to Network Security

Updated: May 3, 2023

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As a business owner, you know how important it is to stay one step ahead of the competition. But staying ahead can be difficult if your IT network is not secure. That’s where layered network planning comes in. Layered network planning provides multiple layers of protection for your business, so you can rest easy knowing that your company and its data are safe from cyber threats.

What Is a Layered Approach?

A layered approach to network security involves creating several layers of defense that each have their own set of security measures and protocols designed to protect your data from external threats. This approach provides an additional layer of protection that traditional firewalls and antivirus software cannot provide. By using a layered approach, you can ensure that all points of entry into your network are protected and monitored for any suspicious activity.

The Benefits of Layering Your Network Security

Layering your security offers several advantages over traditional methods of protecting networks. First, it allows you to create an effective system for monitoring traffic on your network and detecting any potential threats before they become a problem. Second, layering also helps reduce the number of false positives generated by traditional antivirus software and firewall systems. Finally, layered security makes it easier for you to identify malicious behavior on your network quickly and take appropriate action.

Implementing a Layered Security Model for Your Network

Implementing a layered security model isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The process involves four key steps: identifying potential threats, assessing vulnerabilities, developing policies and procedures to protect against threats, and implementing the necessary tools and technologies to protect against those threats. Each layer should be tested regularly to ensure that they are working properly and providing adequate protection against cyberattacks. Additionally, regular training sessions should be conducted with staff members so they understand how the different layers work together to keep the system secure.

Looking for a more detailed list to implement a Layered Approach. Check out our Guide.

Layered networks offer unique advantages over traditional approaches to network security because they provide multiple levels of protection against cyber threats while still being relatively easy to implement and maintain. With the right combination of tools and technology in place, businesses can rest assured that their networks will remain secure even in the face of sophisticated attacks from cybercriminals or hackers trying to gain access to confidential information or financial data stored on their systems. If you’re looking for ways to increase the security of your IT infrastructure without sacrificing performance or user experience, consider using a layered approach when designing your network architecture—it could make all the difference between success and failure!

More of a Visual Person...Check out our Video on How To Use a Layered Approach in Your IT Network Planning to Protect Your Business.

About the Author:

Jennifer Foth is the Marketing Director for Applied Integration, a Managed IT Service Provider in Salt Lake City. A mother of two and an Aussiedoodle dog-owner, Jennifer loves to cook, go camping and do DIY projects around the house in her spare time. With over 15 years of marketing experience, she's been with Applied Integration for 5 years and has helped grow the company into what it is today. Funny and witty, Jennifer is a joy to be around and always brings a smile to people's faces.

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