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Learn How an IT Managed Service Provider Adds Value to Your Business When it Comes to Security.

Why Managed IT Services Are Key for Your Business Security and Compliance

As a business owner, you know that the security of your data and compliance with industry regulations are essential for your success. But this can be difficult to manage on your own. That’s why it is important to consider an IT managed service provider (MSP) for your business. Not only can an MSP help protect your data from cyber threats, but they can also ensure that you stay compliant with industry regulations and standards. Let’s take a look at how an MSP adds value to your business when it comes to security and compliance.


Cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more advanced, so it is essential that businesses keep their systems up-to-date in order to stay secure. An MSP can provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems in order to detect any potential threats before they become a problem. This can include everything from malware detection and prevention, to patch management and vulnerability scans. An MSP will also provide security consulting services in order to identify weak spots in your system and recommend the best solutions for improving them.


It’s not enough just to have a secure system; you also need to make sure that you are compliant with all relevant industry regulations and standards. An MSP will be able to advise you on the latest regulations as well as help you create policies and procedures that meet those requirements. They can also assist with ongoing audits of your systems in order to ensure that you remain compliant over time.

Cost Savings

Finally, using an MSP for security and compliance services can save you money in the long run by reducing IT costs associated with hiring additional staff or purchasing expensive software licenses or hardware upgrades. An MSP will also provide more efficient support services which means fewer disruptions due to technical issues, resulting in greater productivity overall.

In conclusion, an IT managed service provider offers significant value when it comes to security and compliance for businesses of any size. They provide comprehensive monitoring of systems 24/7, offer helpful advice on staying compliant with relevant industry regulations, and even save money by reducing IT costs associated with additional staff or software licenses. For these reasons—and many more—an MSP should be considered a key component of any successful business strategy today!

About the Author:

Jennifer Foth is the Marketing Director for Applied Integration, a Managed IT Service Provider in Salt Lake City. A mother of two and an Aussiedoodle dog-owner, Jennifer loves to cook, go camping and do DIY projects around the house in her spare time. With over 15 years of marketing experience, she's been with Applied Integration for 5 years and has helped grow the company into what it is today. Funny and witty, Jennifer is a joy to be around and always brings a smile to people's faces.

Applied Integration is a Managed IT Service company that has been providing critical IT solutions and computer support to small businesses for over 30 years. Our founder has a unique understanding of the demands of the business environment and has developed the processes and IT solutions that are critical to keeping businesses like yours running. Partnering with Applied Integration is all about finding the right fit - we're fun, professional, and focused on meeting your specific needs. Let us show you how our experience and expertise can benefit your business.

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