Cybersecurity. Breaking It Down By The Numbers.

Equifax Breach

Let’s start with the Equifax breach and do a little math. The latest Census puts the US population at roughly 325 million. 24% of that number is under the age of 18 so they probably don’t have credit records in the Equifax system yet. Let’s call that number 75 million just to keep the math simple.

Another roughly 12.5% of that number is considered to be under the Poverty line and so are probably not using a lot of credit. Let’s call that number 37.5 million. We just eliminated two pretty big segments of the U.S. that most likely didn’t have significant records affected by this breach.

So now those 145.5 million records exposed can be compared against a reasonable estimate of somewhere around 187.5 million people with active credit records. In my mind, for all practical purposes, every person with a credit record should act on the assumption that their information has been compromised by this incident.

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