Response The The Issue | 10 Scariest Ransomware Attacks

Here is my response to an article written by Kelly Sheridan titled 10 Scariest Ransomware Attacks of 2017.

There are a couple of key takeaways from this list. First, the range of ransom’s is pretty wide, from as low as $20 to as high as $3000. This reinforces the notion that these guys are interested in collecting ransoms from millions of businesses. They think they are sitting in the middle of a target rich environment and they don’t want to break the bank. They want you to be able to pay the ransom! But statistics show that with a significant portion of these attacks, paying the ransom doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get your data back. Secondly, the new variations of ransomware are growing exponentially because “Ransomware as a Service” has become a lucrative business model. It’s now popular for bad guys with little to no technically savvy to purchase the programs that make operationing a Ransomware attack simple.

While many of these ransom amounts may be low, the true cost of a ransomware infection has really nothing to do with the amount of the ransom itself. The true cost is the lost business, the time that your employees are sitting around unable to work because they can’t get to their data, the lost sales because you can’t process business and, perhaps worst of all, the damage done to the reputation of your business. We’re all working hard each day to show our Customers we’re on top of things and ready to keep up with their demands, so imagine having to call that key client and tell them their schedule needs to be pushed back because your systems are being held hostage. That’s not a call any of us ever want to make.

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