Phishing Emails | Is Your Business Being Targeted?

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago I was standing in front of a room full of Lumberyard folks telling them how important it was to start using email in their businesses. Remember those days? Back when “electronic communication” meant sending a fax? My, how times have changed.

Today, I find myself in front of the same people, explaining how our Inboxes have now become one of the front lines in the war against those who want to wreak electronic harm on our critical systems.

I’m sure that at this point, with all the recent headlines that you are aware how big this problem has become. A quick search for ransomware infections will result in any number of recent high profile articles of organizations that have fallen victim. This is not to mention that not all infections are big enough to make headlinesincluding the thousands of small businesses that have been affected. It’s certainly enough to ruin the peaceful sleep of any business owner.

The good news is that there are concrete steps we can take to arm ourselves against all this bad activity, and some of the steps are really pretty simple.

The first step that every business can take is to train and educate employees. Programs should be implemented that create an awareness of the dangers that fake or phishing emails represent and demonstrate how to identify these impostor emails when dealing with an inbox that is full of messages, all begging for attention. Let’s be honest here, we are all guilty of not spending enough time training our employees, and then we act surprised when they do things that make us wonder “why didn’t they know better?” They didn’t know better because we didn’t teach them!

Wanna here something funny? I know that every one of you with a forklift out in the yard wouldn’t dream of letting an employee just jump on a forklift without the proper training. I know that you won’t accept the risk of an untrained person causing damage or injuries through a lack of training on the proper operation of a forklift. Why should it be any different to expect the same importance for training the folks inside the building. Teaching your internal employees properly can reduce the risk of a business-wide shutdown due to the introduction of a virus or ransomware that comes from someone clicking a fake email.

I’ve made it my mission to educate all who are interested!

We have some new weapons in our arsenal to protect your business. There are new ways to scan and quarantine malicious emails before they get in front of your folks and ways to send out our own safe “phishing” emails that are crafted to test your people without exposing them to real infections that come from falling prey to a phishing attempt. We all know that there are those folks in any business who will click on anything that makes it into their inbox, and it’s incumbent on us to identify them and work with them one on one to train and teach.

2017 has been a monumental year for lot’s of reasons. Headlines have overshadowed issues that should have been given more press coverage. From a Technology Threat standpoint, Cybersecurity is one of those issues. Rest assured, as your IT Service folks we take our responsibility to keep you safe very seriously no matter what is going on in the rest of the news. You may need to beef the budget up a bit for some of this, but it will be trivial compared to the potential cost of having bad things happen. Stay tuned for more webinars and more one on one conversations as we head into 2018 with the determination to keep the bad guys at bay!

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