Adding Humor to IT - Social Media Puns

We found these fun Social Media Puns and wanted to share. They are ranked from bad to worse. Enjoy!

  • I ran into a stop sign at night; couldn’t see it because of the dark post.

  • Health food grocery store doesn’t like to boost content, they rely on organic reach.

  • Wanted to follow the local fence company, but they didn’t have enough posts.

  • I went to a cooking Facebook page to check out its Thymeline.

  • Golden rule of social media, “Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted”.

  • Having a breakfast sale, but I need a “hash” tag.

  • Ever since selfies became a social trend, my feed has been nothing but ‘meme, myself, and I.’

  • We’re going to be OOO next week because we’re going on a company-wide retweet.

  • Went to my favorite hardware store’s Facebook page because I heard they have a lot of fans.

  • What goes best on a link post salad? Addressing.

  • We promoted a Facebook live video of a gym class. We bid on See-P.E.

  • I wanted my pictures of the beef jerky factory to disappear in a day, so I Snapped into a Slim Jim.

  • What do you call a sad gangster? An Emo-G.

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