Arm Yourself With Education - Tips to Increase Employee Productivity


Group emails can be the worst time wasters in a company. Here are a few ways that you can increase productivity through implementing some simple guidelines for your employees.

First, when we are sending a group email, we try to make sure that only the people directly expected to reply to the email (or take action on it) are in the "To:" line, and everyone else who is just being "kept in the loop" go onto the "CC:" line. That way, as people read these emails, they know right away if they need to reply or if they can just monitor the conversation.

Second, unless your business has a real "internal politics" problem, we discourage anyone from hitting "Reply all:" just to send an email to cover their behind. We believe that it's perfectly acceptable for someone to email a reply back to just the person(s) on the "To:" line, with a suggestion or comment, without always having to have every comment included on every email. During my time when the Software company I worked for was going through its' first big merger, and the employee count changed from just a couple dozen to hundreds, the amount of email storms that were generated in that organization was staggering, and most of it was nothing more than time wasting "Reply All" storms with nothing more than a bunch of "Me too" and other CYA messages in most of them.

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