The difference between being prepared for trouble and being surprised by it.

It may seem obvious: if you want to quickly recover from a disaster, you need to have prepared beforehand.

But for many IT companies, that’s a foreign concept. In the world of IT, the most common approach is a reactionary, fix-it-when-it-breaks mentality. If something goes wrong, your IT guys will swoop in to fix it, but then they step back and wait for the next problem to arise.

This is great for your IT guys. It means they always have a steady stream of problems to fix which means more money for them. But that convenience comes at your expense. Not only are you burdened with the same problems over and over, but if a small problem becomes a big problem, it’s going to take a lot more work for it to be fixed.

Think of a little old boat on the sea. If a hole appears in the bottom, you might think the best thing to do is simply patch it and go back to fishing. And sure, that patch will hold. But what about the next day when there’s another hole? Patch that one. Move on. And the next hole. And the next. It works for now, so it’s fine, right?

The problem with this approach is that all those holes add up. The next time you’re in a storm, or you get hit by a whale, or you fall over in your seat, that bottom might just fall off the boat, and then your sunk.

It’s the same with your technology. Little issues here and there don’t seem like much until a ransomware attack hits your computer, or a power outage takes out your system, or any number of issues that can cripple your business.

If you have a fix-it IT person, they’re going to have quite the time getting everything back up and running, just like they’d have an issue putting an all new bottom on your boat.

So how do you prevent this? Well, you hire an IT company that takes a proactive approach.

When a hole appears in your boat bottom, your IT team should not only patch the whole, but start looking for the cause. Did you hit a rock? Are the boards worn thin? Was the boat built poorly to begin with? Once they’ve found the problem, they should come up with and implement a solution that prevents holes of that kind in the future.

That’s the kind of service you get with Applied Integration.

We don’t just solve your IT problems as they arise, we work to find the root of each issue and take steps to prevent it from happening in the future. We also keep track of the comprehensive state of your system so that we can predict and prevent issues like data loss, cyberattacks, and more.

Don’t get sunk by your technology. Give us a call today to learn more about our proactive approach.

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