Cyber Criminals could be targeting you right now through a Spear Phishing Scam.

“Spear Phishing” is the latest wave of cybercrime. Today, some bad actors will pick a business, do a little bit of online research on who works there and what they do, then send a phony email that appears to be from a boss or coworker. As a Managed Service Provider we have seen too many businesses taken down by using this type of Cybersecurity breach. Spear Phishing hackers will often pose as a boss requesting a wire transfer to a picky client in the hopes of getting money outright, but they might also try to get malware installed by attaching something that looks like an update to company benefits or policies. These emails are definitely hard to spot—but not impossible. We are currently on a mission to educate any business owner that wants to learn how to protect themselves from cyber attacks. We offer monthly emails concerning a different topic, all dealing with cybersecurity. This month was on Spear Phishing. Here is the link to the recording. If you take 30 minutes to do anything today, take the time to learn how to spot a phony email.

Spear Phishing Scam Webinar Recording. Click Here to view.

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