How to Handle Online Threats Like a Professional IT Company.

How to Handle Online Threats

Managed IT Service Providers all have their only personal approach to Cybersecurity but all Cyber security packages should offer a full suite of tools as ways of identifying and handling malicious attacks.

The first line of defense are antivirus and firewall tools. These tools will check every website, download, and application for known malware, using a database that is continuously updated of threats organized by experts. If a piece of code is spotted that is deemed a potential risk, the malware is deleted or quarantined and you are immediately alerted to the threat.

Second, scheduled scans of your entire system will look for malicious software that may have slipped through the antivirus and firewall. Adding a cybersecurity scan to your routine system maintenance allows your cyber security tools to find viruses and malware, no matter where they may be hiding, and delete them.

Third, a Dark Web scanning tool is a cyber security tool that monitor the dark web. This scan will alert you when your data has been stolen and is being put to use by attackers. This warning allows you to freeze your credit, cancel your credit cards, or implement other measures to protect yourself against fraud.

A password management tool in next on the list. This tool won’t actually protect you against attacks, but it will help stop the breech before it happens. Imagine what would happen if a company you shop at is breached and your online account password is compromised. If you only use that password for that one account, it’s easy to change your password and still be secure. If you use that password for all of your digital accounts, as most American do, attackers may now be able to get into your email, bank accounts, and more.

Finally, a private VPN is the last of the cybersecurity tools that will help protect your business completely. If an employee connects to a public Wifi signal, like at the airport or a coffee shop, that could be opening your business up to attack. Without an encrypted connection, anyone on the same Wifi network can easily monitor your online activity—including what accounts you’re logging into and what files you’re sharing. A VPN allows a secure Internet connection even if the Wifi router itself is unsecured. With a VPN, employees can work remotely from anywhere and you can still be sure that company data is safe.


A little about the author. Applied Integration is a Managed IT Service Provider that works with companies to add to or supplement their IT Departments. Operating in Salt Lake City servicing companies in Utah and nationwide for over 20 years, they specialize in IT Solutions, computer support, IT Management and software support including Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and Spruce POS systems.

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