What is a Firewall and Who is the Major Player in the Industry?

Unless you have been living under a rock over the past decade, you have heard about the importance of Virus Protection and namely, Firewalls. So what exactly is a Firewall? A Firewall is a filter for your IT technology network. It acts like an actual wall whose only purpose is to prevent viruses from attacking your computer. A Firewall's job is to determine what should and should not be allowed on your computer. It is built to detect suspicious or potential threats before they enter your system. If a potential threat is detected, the firewall will quarantine it from the rest of your network to prevent the spread of a virus.

There are many different types of Firewalls available but for our purpose, let's keep it simple. Firewalls are categorized into two types, software and hardware. Software is a program that is installed on your computer to work with your operating system in order to detect infiltrators. Firewall hardware is an actual device that is working off your network connection. Both options are good, but we believe that Firewall hardware devices are better because they are communicating directly with your router, thus closer to the point of entry for the viruses.

That being said, over the past 20 years as a Managed IT Service Provider in Utah, we have worked with many different Firewall companies but we now work exclusively with SonicWall because in our opinion, it is superior to all others in the industry.

So, why SonicWall? The next section dives into the why by introducing their latest product. SonicWall Gen 7 was release in 2020 and we can't say enough about its features. Ultimately at the end of the day it's all about protection and we feel that SonicWall offers the best protection to our customers.

SonicWall Gen 7 features broken down. ***

Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

Stop viruses and spyware with real-time scanning and multi-layered protection through the Reassembly Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine. The RFDPI engine scans all inbound, outbound, and intra-zone traffic for viruses, Trojans, key loggers, and other malware in files of unlimited length and size across all ports and TCP streams. Block advanced threats with machine learning and a worldwide network of security sensors that are constantly updating a cloud database of millions of threat signatures. On top of that, SonicWall Capture Client uses static AI engines to determine threats before they have an opportunity to execute.

Intrusion Prevention Service

Prevent outside threat actors from setting foot in your network! SonicWall IPS blocks malicious worms and remote code execution. It also bolsters your security by segmenting networks into individual security zones to stop threats from propagating across zone boundaries.

Content Filtering

Want to block Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and gaming sites from your network? Deny access to illegal, unproductive, and/or inappropriate sites by filtering content based on users, devices, groups, or time of day. Enforce acceptable use policies and block access to both HTTP and HTTPS websites containing content deemed objectionable.

24×7 SonicWall Support

Ensure you’re always armed with the latest firmware updates. Plus, get unfettered access to an intuitive web portal for round-the-clock support from the SonicWall team.

Capture Advanced Threat Protection

SonicWall Capture ATP is a multi-engine, cloud-based sandbox solution that prevents unknown attacks and advanced threats like ransomware and encrypted malware. Capture ATP even offers automated remediation and damage rollback in case of a breach.

Basic DNS Security

Provide authentication for the origin of Domain Name Service (DNS) data to safeguard against dangerous web content. Basic DNS protection adds a substantial layer of defense between your employees and the public Internet.

Network Topology with Host Info

Increased visibility lets network administrators monitor and control traffic at a granular level, leaving no doubt about whether your network is secure. Display hosts, access-points connected in a user’s network based on device name, mac addresses, IP addresses, and more.

Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection

Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) detects malware and zero-day threats by inspecting directly in memory, offering analysis of every bit of network traffic in real time without adding latency.

Cloud Management & Reporting

The era of digital transformation is upon us and small businesses are ready to upgrade their cloud infrastructure. SonicWall cloud management allows admins to manage firewalls through the cloud via Network Security Manager or Capture Security Center. Plus, Network Security Manager Essentials, included with SonicWall Advanced Protection, features seven days of cloud-based reporting to easily analyze and understand how your network is performing.

**features list provided by https://www.firewalls.com/blog/sonicwall-advanced-protection/

A little about the author. Applied Integration is a Managed IT Service Provider that works with companies to add to or supplement their IT Departments. Operating in Salt Lake City servicing companies in Utah and nationwide for over 20 years, they specialize in IT Solutions, computer support, IT Management and software support including Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and Spruce POS systems.

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