What Tools Are Available to Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks?

How Cyber Security tools work together for added IT Security.

Cyber criminals have evolved and as a result Cyber security software needs to be more than a single tool, like antivirus. Throughout our years as a Managed Service IT Provider in Utah, we understand that it takes a suite of tools all work ing together to protect business owners from the many different types of threats that are on the rise.

Some of the most important tools included in cyber security software are:

  • Antivirus and anti-malware to identify, quarantine, and eliminate malicious software.

  • Firewall to keep the bad guys from entering through a backdoor, preventing malware and viruses from ever making it to a company computer.

  • Virtual private network (VPN) is especially crucial for remote works. This device allows its user to securely connect to public Wifi signals. This will keep data secure while working away from the office.

  • Password manager is a way to organize and manage all company passwords. This tool is designed to help you keep unique passwords for all of your online accounts, even allowing the sharing of passwords among designated users. Using a password management tool is a way to have strong, long, hard to crack passwords for every single online account without having to remember anything.

  • Data breach notifications alerts when a cybersecurity breach has occurred allowing your managed service IT provider to take care of an issue before it becomes a problem. This tool is a great way to let you know when a company that you shop at has been compromised.

  • Dark web monitoring is a scan that can be performed on your company domain. This is to alert business owners when a company email address or personal information has been stolen. Identifying a stolen password quickly will make it easier to correct the issue before a cybercriminal can enter a business.

  • Credit monitoring to alert you to suspicious activity in your finances that may be due to identity theft.


A little about the author. Applied Integration is a Managed IT Service Provider that works with companies to add to or supplement their IT Departments. Operating in Salt Lake City servicing companies in Utah and nationwide for over 20 years, they specialize in IT Solutions, computer support, IT Management and software support including Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and Spruce POS systems. At Applied Integration all of our security IT services includes all of these Cybersecurity tools.

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