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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Architects and Engineers

Applied Managed IT Support provides businesses in the engineering and architecture industry the cutting-edge technology they need to streamline their creative process. Our solution seamlessly integrates powerful performance and storage capabilities, enabling users to collaborate effortlessly with customers and colleagues. This enables businesses to make the most of their creativity while benefiting from the extra layer of security Applied Managed IT Support brings them. With our offering, businesses can rest assured that their data is safe and secure while they maintain peak productivity.


Managed IT Support from Applied provides manufacturers with a straightforward, cost-effective solution that delivers reliable performance. This ensures manufacturing operations are not interrupted due to costly downtime. Furthermore, this solution is tailored to the customer's needs while providing exceptional value in terms of ROI; thereby improving your bottom line and giving you peace of mind.


Applied Integration provides complete and comprehensive IT solutions to meet the needs of construction companies. Our Managed IT Services help to reduce IT costs, increase productivity and improve communication. With Applied Integration, you don't have to worry about managing your technology tasks. We provide the resources necessary to maintain a successful business, so you can focus on what matters—getting projects done correctly and on time. Applied Integration provides a range of services designed specifically for the construction industry, including complete installation services, secure data backup, mobility solutions, remote and onsite support, audio/visual services and more.

Professional Services Companies

Applied Integration is an IT company that provides the highest quality of services to meet the needs of Professional Service-based companies. Our team offers unparalleled expertise, skillset, and insight to ensure your business is running at peak efficiency. Applied Integration helps professional service companies become more efficient by designing solutions for their specific needs, giving them the resources and support they need to succeed in their industries. We provide complete and comprehensive IT solutions through experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you reach a higher level of success. 


Applied Managed IT Support is tailored to provide efficient and secure support for multi-location businesses. Our services enable absolute synchronization, coordination, and the seamless sharing of information between multiple locations, strengthening your organization’s internal communication by eliminating data silos. We prioritize reliability, flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency for our clients and ensure total peace of mind with 24/7 customer service and onsite technical team readiness. With constantly evolving technology trends, rely on Applied Managed IT Support to keep your business running smoothly through fast resolution of any system issues or maintenance needs.

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