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Managed Cybersecurity to Protect Your Business.

Cyber threats are a reality of doing business today. 
Making cybersecurity a priority is no longer an option. 

Cybersecurity is no laughing matter. In today's digital age, businesses of all sizes are at risk of being hacked. Cyber criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to access sensitive information, and even the most well-protected systems can be vulnerable. That's why it's so important to invest in cybersecurity products and services. By working with an IT support company, you can rest assured that your business is protected from the latest threats. We can help you choose the right products and services for your needs, and we'll work with you to implement a comprehensive security plan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your business safe from cyberattacks and the cybersecurity tools that we offer.


Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to access confidential information and it is essential that businesses protect themselves against these malicious efforts. Cybersecurity measures should be an integral part of any business plan, and as a managed IT service provider, we offer peace of mind by delivering the best possible protection for your network systems. By implementing the latest technologies and practices your business will remain secure, allowing you to focus on your core operations. Cybersecurity needs to be top of mind when running a business and we are here to help. We have developed a checklist that can get you started, ensuring that the major areas are safe and secure. Download our Cyber Checklist. 

With Applied Integration's Managed Microsoft 365 Services, your business will:

How Managed Cybersecurity Works to Support Your Business. 

What Managed Cybersecurity Support Can Do For Your Business. 

At Applied Integration we provide businesses with the tools and resources they need to achieve their security objectives. Our Managed Cybersecurity Support services give businesses a wide-range of support by specialists in areas such as threat intelligence, digital forensics, incident response and vulnerability management. Managed Cybersecurity Support solutions provide effective protection against system vulnerabilities, data exposure and malicious intrusions. Partnering with Applied Integration can give business owners peace of mind when it comes to protecting their digital assets and proactively responding to potential threats. Our Cybersecurity experts can also provide key insights into current security trends to ensure that a business remains ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity risk management. By having us as your experienced Managed Security Service Provider we shoulder the burden of cyber protection and our customers gain valuable time back which they can focus on improving their existing services or launching new projects.

Vulnerabilty Management

Managed cybersecurity is an essential part of any business' security strategy. Our team will ensure all potential vulnerabilities in your digital systems and applications are identified, assessed and addressed. Through a comprehensive assessment of both existing and potential risks to your operations, we can build a plan to protect you from any threats. Our experts have the qualifications and experience to find any weak points in your security measures and mitigate them efficiently. Let us handle the risks so that you can rest assured with an optimized secure environment for your business.

Managed Firewall

At Applied Integration, we understand the importance of Managed Cybersecurity services to protect your business’s data and applications. Our firewall services are designed to detect threats on the perimeter of your business and block any malicious external access. By employing these Managed Cybersecurity tools, we can eliminate the risk posed by cyber predators while maximizing employee productivity. Trust us to keep your most important information secure!

Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provide 24/7/365 ransomware and breach prevention, helping businesses stay one step ahead of the bad actors. Our tools perform automated security scanning so our customers can rest assured knowing that their systems are being monitored around the clock for cyber threats. Our MDR services offer comprehensive monitoring and suppression of malicious events, alerting our team of technicians to suspicious activities to help protect our customer's  networks from malware and unauthorized access while keeping data safe. Furthermore, with regular assessments and reports on trends in cyber security threats, we are able to focus on staying ahead of criminals in their quest to keep information secure.

Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed cybersecurity is vital in the modern world of digital business. Our managed endpoint protection keeps your data safe wherever it is across all of your devices, providing superior prevention, detection and response that stops more threats - faster. By allowing us to take care of your cyber security needs, you can rest assured that any breach attempts or malicious attacks will be dealt with quickly and professionally. Get peace of mind and protect your data - give us a try today!


Our Managed Cybersecurity Services involve the implementation of systems and processes designed to prevent malicious access to digital information and assets. As part of this strategy, our Password Management tools provide an additional layer of protection against external cyber attacks. The tools enable our users to generate unique, secure passwords for all of their accounts, while allowing easy access through a single centralized identity. This type of password management not only helps protect assets from malicious actors, but also saves time by eliminating the need to remember multiple logins. Utilizing these tools takes Managed Cybersecurity to the next level by providing an enhanced security protocol that keeps users' accounts safe and secure.

Password Management
Secure File Sharing Tools

Managed Cybersecurity is essential in these digital times and choosing the right file-sharing tools can make all the difference. That is why we are proud to offer secure file sharing tools that provide you with the ability to access and share confidential files securely. Our service puts data control in your hands with full encryption, allows you to collaborate safely and easily, and delivers a comprehensive audit trail so your security standards are always met. Utilizing our secure file sharing tools will give you confidence in the knowledge that your files remain safe and sound during every step of their journey.

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